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The Mysterious Tibetan Singing Bowls Fascination with Eastern spirituality and metaphysical teachings is now invading the Western world. And the singing bowl of Tibet has been central in this interest. Though simple and ordinary looking, the singing bowls are believed to have great power. They are being used for spiritual development, self growth and for healing and sound therapy. Singing bowls strength are said to come from the power of sound and vibration. Their sounds and vibrations are what makes the singing bowls so great. People really do not know how to properly use these singing bowls. It have never really been revealed how to properly use the singing bowls and that is why they say it is still hidden in the mountains of Tibet. The masters of high spiritual ranks are said to be the only ones who know the answer. When teach and student are in closed spiritual session and face to face, the sacred knowledge can be transferred to the student. The reason for this secrecy one can only guess. Perhaps it is because of the possible misuse of the immense power of the bowls that they have kept it hidden from many.
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No one knows where the singing bowls really came from. The singing bowls were the praying bowls of the ancient East. They have also played an important role is the practices of the Shamans of Tibet. Deep meditative states, astral projections, and the ability to contact higher guiding spirits are produced by the sounds that singing bowls produce. Their strength is multiplied by energizing, but we do not know how to do it.
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You can produce sounds in a singing bowl in two ways. First, you can strike the bowl with a wooden stick. But the most powerful sound that a singing bowl can make is when the stick is driven around the rim of the bowls. Potentially significant healing properties are said to be present when the singing bowls produce that kind of resonant sound. With the hand beaten Tibetan bowls, this is not easy to do. There are different kinds of singing bowls depending on their alloy composition, shape and size. You can actually see these different style of excellent quality singing bowls in websites selling them. If you want to know the role of these singing bowls in healing, we have to remember that there is no universal solution for all the conditions or ailments that the body experiences. There is also no universal singing bowl for all seven energy centers of the body. At present we are only touching the surface of singing bowls and have not yet discovered the secret of the ancient spiritual masters using the singing bowls power to heal through its energy and through the sound vibrations that it produces when it is struck.