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Sueashi sports sports comprehensive baseball soccer motor sport racing Golf Martial Arts Silk Fortune! 14 horses burdock unplug … Negishi S Sports Hochi January 30 (Monday) Silk Fortune (middle) who escaped with 8:00 3 minutes delivery enlarged photograph sharp Sueashi (left 3 pieces Tesutamatta.
Right Uchida ride of 4 Chakutaiseirejendo) ◆ 26th Negishi S · G3 (29 days Dirt 1,400 meters, Nakayama Racecourse, good) dirt world leading whiz, is Sueashi of silk Fortune (Yasushi Fujioka) exploded .
11 years Procyon S followed by playing a heavy prize won for the second time, gave the impetus to Feburari S of the large goal.
Two pieces are, No. 9 popularity of Tosho Cousin.
No. 1 popular Danonkamon was 5 wearing.
It was cut to cut.
One shot, also one shot.
In response to the left whip of Yasushi Fujioka, silk Fortune has stretched leg from the rearmost.
Over list earlier in the fast rotation footwork, to the top.
And get out frankly, the goal was with a difference of 1 Umami half.
Rise 3 halons, the fastest of 34 seconds 9.
Showing off the same Sueashi and Procyon S of July last year, he decorated the heavy Award domination of since then.
Since the “straight line is long, around the inside until the last minute, the last only put out.
Procyon S after, because I did not win even open special, was good to win, “said Fujioka.
Fujisawa law trainer in the “sensitive horse, in the southern Cup (3 pieces), had to react swung the tail to Danonkamon.
This time is not closer to the horse, praised the woman on top of the 23-year-old and that ride me “good.
Whiz of Dart world leading is, get a heavy prize second victory at 1400 meters.
Next Feburari S (2 May 19, Tokyo), the distance extension of 1 halon is key.
Fujioka was poking a response to the “It is with a force from the South Cup, and I think it is interesting horse race.”
In prelude, defeated Danonkamon of southern Cup two pieces.
The following is won the champion Transcend, poised to grab a G1 title.
◆ Silk Fortune male of 6-year-old Kage.
Father Gold Allure, mother silk Esperanza (father Aruwaushu).

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